We’re excited to have you be part of our first Lantern run!

Lantern Run was designed as a more private, personalized run. We strip away a lot of the excess of check-in, after-parties, large crowds, music & DJ, and some of the conventional productions of a typical race.

This way it allows you to just focus on the run and not a lot of the other commotion.

Note the run was designed for individuals and small groups to run at their own pace and time. There is no DJ or official after-party.  However, the beautiful tethered sky lantern is for you to enjoy with friends or by yourself.

Please read through this guide carefully for everything you’ll need to know for the event!


1. Your Packet

Your packet will be mailed to your address you signed up with before the event!

Your packet will consist of:

  • Race shirt

  • Race cap

  • Water carabiner

  • Tag

  • Finisher’s Award

If you have not received your packet, please email us at info@thelanternrun.com


2. Race-Day Information


In the event there’s enough participants, we will bring out a hand-timer to record your finishing times and pace per mile times for your run.

You’ll receive notification in the mail or visit www.thelanternrun.com for any updates.

No Timer:

In the event, there is no hand timer, suggested start times have been designed so you finish before Sunset and can stick around or finish right as the sun sets.

Further, we will try again in the following season and if there’s enough participants, you’ll be eligible to be timed. So keep your race bib!

When timed, your finishing times will be input into our system which will then allow us to post your pace and finish times online.


3. Important Notes:

  • There will not be an “after-party” per se but after the run and the beautiful sunset, you can celebrate with a beer or go somewhere to get a bite!

  • Please exercise extreme caution when lighting the sky lantern and abide by any authority or laws. Do NOT light lantern near trees, buildings, or any other location that may pose safety or environmental hazards.

  • Sky Lantern is tethered so can be controlled and “reeled” back in after completion. But caution is still advised and we will not be liable for any damages you incur due to misuse or accidents. Always report emergencies to 911 immediately.


Final Remarks & Important Information:

Everyone’s safety is our #1 priority. Please review the following:

  • Running with kiddos? Be sure to keep them close throughout the run.

  • No Alcohol or commercial food permitted in the Park.

  • All Lanterns are intended to be lit and enjoyed at your own time/place and OFF-venue. Unfortunately, we cannot host organized lantern set-offs. That was the intent of the selfpaced run from the beginning as our goal ultimately is to make flying sky lanterns safer. Be advised… Be extremely careful where you light sky lanterns (even tethered).


  • Respect each other.

  • Dispose all trash in trash bins

  • Have Fun!

– Lantern Run


For more information, please visit us at www.thelanternrun.com

*Each run is small, capped at 25 participants


[2018 Lantern Run Guide (Clickable PDF)]