Pineapple Cakes, Mochi, Rice Crackers, & Green Tea


You can’t have a lantern festival without food. We decided to go with pineapple cakes, lychee mochi, rice crackers, & green tea because we simply felt these foods were most representative of the common snacks people enjoy in Asia.

Beyond representation though, what’s great about these snacks is it’s fairly light (thus it doesn’t feel overly heavy after a run), they taste great (albeit for some, it may be an adventure), and they are individually packaged which makes it easy to grab and eat.

Make sure to grab some after the run!

If you’d like to find out more about these snacks, below are some awesome links –
Pineapple Cakes

Admittedly, rice crackers has less history… but rest assured, you will find them everywhere in Asia.
And of course Green Tea has its own extensive history.

What do you think?