Lantern Run School Race Mission, TX (02.20.2016)

The race in Mission, TX was setup very simply utilizing a very renown course in the area. The city did not have too many difficult requirements. However, the issues we ran into were not having many sign-ups on the week of the event. Sending staff out to the race would have put the event in the red for sure.

On the week of the event, we conferenced-called in the main teacher handling the event. We asked her to race-direct it so it would not leave people disappointed. We would sit down with her for two hours and talk through every little detail to make the event successful. She agreed.

On the day of the race, there were so many last-minute sign-ups, we even had to close down registration!

There were a few hiccups with the power, the sound, and some lights but the event turned out awesome. Everyone had a great time! And best of all, the event was able to still raise a pretty good amount of money for the school.