Lantern Run School Race Dallas, TX (03.11.2016)

The race took several months of planning and discussions with the Independent School District to secure approval but it was worth it! The School had this 5K run as their 20 year anniversary and their official spring break kick-off. Several alumni staff and highly-respected members of the board were invited to participate.

It was one of the most beautiful courses in Dallas. There were a number of issues we had to work through — it required approvals from a number of different departments from the City, it was forecasted 90% chance of rain and thunderstorms on the day of, there was another funeral event that came up last minute which impeded our original plans, and finally there were not many sign-ups on the week of the event.

We still committed to what we started though and in the end there was about 90 participants. We were still able to make the event profitable by utilizing all of our own equipment, supplies, and coming up with a 4-loop course that everyone enjoyed.

It was a fun and great event!

Official photos aren’t released yet… but here’s is a photo of the cloudy weather. We were grateful it didn’t rain for any longer than a minute…

The School band came out to do a performance right before the start of the race!