Mystery Item: Race Belt or Handmade Lantern?

This week we announced our mystery item. Well, a vote for our mystery item.

The vote is between a race belt or a handmade lantern.

Why did we pick these items?

Race Belt: The idea behind the race belt was that it was irritating to always have to pin on the bibs on a perfectly fine shirt. What was worse was having to take them off after a sweaty run. Doesn’t sound like a big deal but as a runner, it mattered to me. Particularly so if I was participating in several runs and had to keep pinning/unpinning those bibs onto all my shirts.

Handmade Lantern: Of course, this goes well into our theme. And the main idea behind the lantern was really to provide a keepsake gift to bring back for memories. We believe good memories happen at our events especially when it’s spent with loved ones and friends. The lantern just serves to build upon that idea; giving people the option of writing down their hopes and wishes in 2015. This was the experience we saw while in Asia and this is what we hope to bring to our events.


So there it is. Be sure to vote for the item to be included in registration. The other item will likely be sold at a discounted rate at packet pick-up. Your vote matters!

What do you think?