27 Oct
New York City, NY [Fall 2]
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  • 9:00 - 7:00

event location

2018 The Lantern Run Race Guide [Clickable PDF]

Run a 5K, 10K, or Half-Marathon through a beautifully designed course. Note that course is looped for longer distances.
A smaller, more private setting focusing on the run itself.
Our coordinators will be able to hand-time your run and record finishing times. Coordinators will also be in charge of setting up the course and providing water/snacks.
Course Map & Parking

(Click to Enlarge Map)

(Click to Enlarge Map)

Follow the Orange signs and Directional Signage!

On the northern tip of the park, runners need to make a hard RIGHT when West Dr. become East Dr.

Intersection of Lake Dr. and East Dr. is 4-way – Go STRAIGHT

Just after East Dr. becomes West Dr. there is a fork at S. Lake Drive – Stay on the RIGHT

West Drive forks at Centre Drive – Go LEFT (don’t go on Centre Drive)

West Dr. splits and comes back together – Stay on the RIGHT


Your Swag Bag

Get some of the best swag you can’t find anywhere else.

Swag Bag-

  • Run shirt
  • Run cap
  • Drawstring Bag
  • Tag (assigned at the event by coordinator)
  • Finisher’s Award

Note that no DJ, or official after-party will be setup.

Run Start Times
Due to rain in the forecast, we recommend evening waves to arrive earlier for the afternoon waves (as early as 1:00pm). Transfer to afternoon wave is free and does not require notification.
Please be advised course may need to be shut down if puddles become too large to run in, if there is lightning, or if the rain becomes too heavy.
Morning Wave
Early Bird Wave – 8:30am (Please E-mail us to join)
1/2 Marathon – 9:00am
10K – 10:00am
5K – 10:30am
Afternoon Wave
1/2 Marathon – 11:00am
10K – 1:00pm
5K – 2:00pm
Evening Wave (Recommended Push to Afternoon Wave)
1/2 Marathon – 4:00pm
10K – 5:00pm
5K – 6:00pm

Thanks to our friends at Open Arms Adoption for contributing a raffle prize for our event!