New York City, NY [Fall] | The Lantern Run
1 Sep
New York City, NY [Fall]
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  • 4:00 - 7:00

event location

NYC Lantern Run Guide (CLICKABLE PDF)

Run a 5K, 10K, or Half-Marathon through a beautifully designed course. Note that course is looped for longer distances.
A smaller, more private setting focusing on the run itself.
A coordinator will be able to hand-time your run and record finishing times. Coordinator will also be in charge of setting up the course and providing water/snacks.
Course Map & Parking

Prospect Park may be confusing to some. However, we’ve made the route as simple as possible. There are still five main cross intersections that may be confusing; otherwise always run straight on the main path.

Follow the Orange signs and Directional Signage!

On the northern tip of the park, runners need to make a hard RIGHT when West Dr. become East Dr.

Intersection of Lake Dr. and East Dr. is 4-way – Go STRAIGHT

Just after East Dr. becomes West Dr. there is a fork at S. Lake Drive – Stay on the RIGHT

West Drive forks at Centre Drive – Go LEFT (don’t go on Centre Drive)

West Dr. splits and comes back together – Stay on the RIGHT

Your Swag Bag

Get some of the best swag you can’t find anywhere else.

Swag Bag-

  • Race shirt
  • Race cap
  • Drawstring Bag
  • Tag (assigned at the event by coordinator)
  • Finisher’s Award

Note that no DJ, or official after-party will be setup.

Run Start Times
Morning Wave
1/2 Marathon – 9:00am
10K Early Wave – 9:30am
10K – 10:00am
5K – 10:30am
Afternoon Wave
1/2 Marathon – 11:00am
10K – 1:00pm
5K – 2:00pm
Evening Wave
1/2 Marathon – 4:00pm
10K – 5:00pm
5K – 6:00pm
Thanks to our friends at EZG Manufacturing for contributing a raffle prize for our event!