9.5 Theses: Thoughts on How Fun Runs should be

9.5 Theses – A Thought on how Fun Runs should be

Immediately after college, I was lucky to have gotten recruited into a very niche but fun business. I was amongst the first company to introduce the concept of “night” races to over 11 cities across the U.S. Business was thriving or so I thought… until I remember when the Color Run first came out. At the time, two thoughts immediately came into my mind. 1.) How stupid of an idea, going along with that 2.) Why would anyone want to run and get color thrown all over themselves?

Having both hosted and participated in a number of runs myself, I just couldn’t imagine a run that involved throwing color powder doing well. Of course a year later, I realized how wrong I was. In just a short period of time, the Color Run expanded nationwide, raked in millions of dollars, have gone international, and have spurred 20 other knock-off competitors to try and gain a piece of the market share.

Color Run hit the jackpot. What makes their concept so attractive is putting on a run that simply attracted the non-runner with something fun and also non-competitive. Since the Color Run, several other “fun” runs have entered the market. However, the new trend of these fun runs have tainted what fun runs should be. With the absurdity of $20.00 parking fees, $5.00 transfer fees, low quality glow paint/powder, etc. becoming the norm, let me just put this out there – that’s not how runs should be.

Below is my 9.5 Theses on how fun runs (and every run for that matter) should be:

1. Fun Runs should always focus on two things: bringing friends together to have a fun time and encouraging healthy physical activity.
2. Fun Runs don’t need to get the participant dirty in order to be fun.
3. Fun Runs should cater to both serious runners and leisure runners/walkers. A good mix makes the event more exciting.
4. Fun Runs should always truly benefit a charity/non-profit.
5. Participants should always be given plentiful of hydration and snacks to enjoy.
6. Parking should NOT be an extra charge.
7. Hidden fees (transfer, picking up packets, parking) should NOT be collected.
8. Fun Runs should always better a community by its presence.
9. Fun Runs should never be too expensive to afford for a family.
9.5 Fun Runs should be fun (i.e. the above elements)

What do you think?